Kevin Bigelow

Personal Trainer Kevin earned his Bachelor of Science degree in athletic training/sports medicine from Sacred Heart University, Connecticut. He has extensive experience in the fitness and wellness industry, with a background that includes working in a physical therapy setting and training clients of all ages and fitness levels.

He enjoys working with the Center’s diverse membership. Kevin’s clients benefit from his varied work history and subsequent hands-on knowledge. He specializes in sport specific training, post-rehabilitation fitness, and healthy weight maintenance. His workouts focus on circuit-style programs and functional exercises to meet members’ unique needs.

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In his free time, Kevin is an assistant track and field coach at Clarkstown South High School (where he specializes in sprints/hurdles and mid-distance events). He enjoys spending time with his young son, watching movies, running, weight training, and yard work (believe it or not!). He loves spending time with his family and friends. Homemade lasagna is his favorite meal. Fun fact: Kevin is one of six children, falling fourth in line.

Train with Kevin to discover why he enjoys educating, coaching, and assisting individuals in reaching their fitness and wellness goals.

With a strong interest in music, Desiree spends free time playing instruments, including the clarinet, flute, saxophone, and a little guitar. She attends an ecclectic mix of concerts. She is a diehard hockey and football fan. Go Devils! Go Giants! An athlete herself, she has successfully completed a Tough Mudder.

Desiree loves animals, especially her dog. She enjoys traveling and experiencing new opportunities. A nature-lover, she often hikes and takes camping trips. Sushi and pizza are Desiree’s favorite eats. Fun fact: Desiree is a kid at heart.

With a supportive attitude and exciting fitness programs, Desiree inspires members to greater heights in fitness and beyond.