I met Tommy the day I joined the Center. As he took my blood pressure and scheduled my orientation appointment, I was guarded and apprehensive. However, I went home hopeful I would like the Center and start exercising regularly. Within a week, I was hooked! I started personal training with Tommy and never imagined I would enjoy exercising as much as I do. Tommy is a fabulous trainer. He is smart, skilled, and good at explaining things. He instantly helped me feel comfortable and safe, which has been very important to me.

He challenges me when I overthink things, and redirects me when I lose focus. He is funny, kind, supportive, and connects with people of all ages and ability levels. Our training sessions are never boring. I love going to the Center! I have had great results, thanks to Tommy who seems as pleased with them as I am. At one of our first training sessions, I forgot to bring water. Tommy noticed I was thirsty and overheated, so he took out his wallet and bought me a bottle of water. I cannot imagine a trainer at any other facility doing that. I’m very thankful for Tommy. I feel fantastic, physically and emotionally. I couldn’t have come this far without him.