Immediate Perks of Exercise

If today’s workout is in jeopardy, or tomorrow’s is already being debated, read on and be motivated to move! A little instant gratification gets anyone off the couch.

Here are five things your workout can do for you right now …

A Brighter Smile
It doesn’t take a whitening toothpaste to help you shine. The feel-good chemicals serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine spike during your workout. Plus, they linger long after sweaty socks are shed. Bust out of a rut, release stress, and spike your happiness level with a 30-minute cardio session. After all, a smile is your best accessory.

A Bolder Immune System
Whether you are lifting major weights or mini barbells, your fierce muscles (indirectly) scare away germs. Proteins called immunoglobulins are increased, which strengthen your ability to fight off infections. This improved immune function lasts for about 24 hours. Feeling run down? Combat germs by building your army of immunoglobulin goblins!

Stronger Lungs
Working out demands lung power. Labored breathing, induced during moderate to high-intensity exercise, must be quick and efficient. This increased lung power brings muscles the extra oxygen they demand. Lungs continue to grow stronger with every workout, which also may help those who suffer from lung conditions like asthma.

A Healthier Weight
We all know weight loss takes time, patience, proper nutrition, and more patience. However, your very first sweat session launches the process. A cardio workout is fueled by body fat. A strength training session sculpts fat into muscle, which more efficiently burns fat even at rest. For every 100 calories burned during exercise, about 15 calories are burned in its aftermath. (Yep, you no longer need to rely on increased endorphins for that boost of fitness happiness.)

A Sharper Mind
A workout energizes the brain as well as the body. An increased supply of blood and oxygen to your brain helps cognitive function, sharpens memory, and improves concentration. Exercise also has been shown to enhance creativity. Mindful workouts can be mentally cleansing, which allows clarity of thought and decision-making.

What’s the delay? Those are five good reasons you should already be busy with your workout. Your rewards await!

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