Garabed “Garo” Hartounian

Garo believes exercising well is one of the most positive steps to living a joyful life. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics, nutrition, and food sciences from The University of Vermont. He is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, with a diploma from the National Institute of Personal Training. Garo also is a nationally certified emergency medical technician (EMT).

He specializes in increasing lean muscle and decreasing body fat for optimum body composition. His workouts focus on improving stability and strength through core and metabolic training. Garo continuously monitors for proper movement and execution of exercises to help prevent injuries and assure every session is maximally effective. His background also allows him to provide nutritional guidance to complement his clients’ fitness routines.

Join Garo on the Fitness Floor to gain the strength needed to look and feel your best.