Employees of the Month- November 2014

Group Fitness Instructor

Nick Calabrese

Personal Trainer

Maggie Faucera

Energize yourself on the Exercise Floor with Maggie’s customized training programs. She is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise; a Group Fitness instructor, and nutrition and wellness consultant, through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America; and an aquatic fitness professional through the Aquatic Exercise Association.

Maggie does not prefer any specific training style. She works closely with her clients to determine his/her best fitness methods. She enjoys bringing an element of fun to every workout to keep spirits high and members returning for more. With specific certification in aquatics, Maggie also offers her clients the opportunity to train in the Center’s therapy pool.

Maggie loves to spend free time outside. Running is her favorite, but she is happy to participate in any outdoor sport. She thrives on physical activity, which feeds her stamina. Maggie loves homemade food; she bakes her own bread. Fun fact: She was born in Hungary.

Ready to inspire, Maggie keeps members dedicated to a healthier lifestyle.



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(201) 843-4422

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