Desiree Adinolfe

Personal Trainer Desiree earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Montclair State University. She is a certified personal trainer and Group Fitness instructor through the International Fitness Association. Desiree is also a certified Zumba instructor, and Bell-to-Bell boxing and kickboxing instructor through the Title Boxing Club.

Desiree’s experience includes working at a variety of fitness venues. She began as a martial arts teacher, and expanded to kickboxing under the martial arts discipline. This passion prompted her to learn and teach more boxing under the instruction, and along side of, mixed martial arts fighters, martial artists, and professional boxers.

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Aside from fitness training and instruction, Desiree worked in the sports entertainment industry. Her background includes working with several professional sports teams. She was a squad member of the New Jersey Devils Cheerleaders Ice Girls, and a member of the New Jersey Nets Game Night Crew and part of the NBA. Desiree also was appointed sideline reporter for the Danbury Whalers under the Federal Hockey League. Her specialties include high-intensity interval training, core training, strength training, weight loss, and healthy-living training.

With a strong interest in music, Desiree spends free time playing instruments, including the clarinet, flute, saxophone, and a little guitar. She attends an ecclectic mix of concerts. She is a diehard hockey and football fan. Go Devils! Go Giants! An athlete herself, she has successfully completed a Tough Mudder.

Desiree loves animals, especially her dog. She enjoys traveling and experiencing new opportunities. A nature-lover, she often hikes and takes camping trips. Sushi and pizza are Desiree’s favorite eats. Fun fact: Desiree is a kid at heart.

With a supportive attitude and exciting fitness programs, Desiree inspires members to greater heights in fitness and beyond.