I am a 61-year-old female who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease over a year ago. When I first joined the Center, I was intimidated by all the equipment and overwhelmed. I have been working periodically with Maggie for several month. We train in the water and on the Fitness Floor. Now, I walk in the Center like I own it.

Maggie is an attentive, reliable, genuine, and thoughtful trainer. She helps her clients reach their goals. If they are not sure what those goals are, Maggie helps them figure it out. She researched Parkinson’s disease to determine which exercises would be most effective for me. When I told her I wanted to do a boxing workout to help my Parkinson’s, she made it happen. My sense of balance and self-confidence is improving. I am so glad I was lucky enough to start my experience at the Center with Maggie. She is my “trainer to the stars.”