Over the past 20 years, I had four spinal surgeries, including three spinal fusions. I became sedentary, gained close to 70 pounds, and was barely capable of walking more than a block without terrible pain and weakness. My sense of balance was terrible; I fell several times. I met Maggie in November 2014. She explained my best option was to train in the pool. Maggie insisted we start slowly to build strength and stamina. She varied the workouts, and made them interesting and increasingly more challenging.

Maggie encouraged me to work out on my own, in addition to working with her twice a week. My strength increased dramatically, my sense of balance is infinitely better, and I lost close to 45 pounds. Nine months later, I am able to walk farther and faster than I have in years. My ability to stand, and my balance, are much improved. Maggie made coming to the Center enjoyable, relaxing, and simultaneously effective. I enjoy myself immensely when at the Center, five or six times weekly. I consistently look forward to training with Maggie two hours a week.